Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this market is to enable growers worldwide to sell and share their own grown plants in the form of clones with fellow growers.

Yes it is. We do not log your activities on this website. Orders including all regarding data, including all personal data, are automatically deleted after 20 days of completion.

  • Yes, there are no additional charges.

You can sign up as a vendor. For a detailed description please check out the Vendor Guide.

  • As for now we exclusively support payment via cryptocurrencies. These include: Ethereum (ETH) and Monero (XMR).
  • After a purchase, the money will be kept in Escrow for 20 days. Within that period, the customer can start refund and return requests.
  1. Buyer sends Money to CloneBay
  2. Vendor ships Items
  3. Buyer confirms shipment
  4. Money will be forwarded to Vendor account
  • After an order has been shipped and marked for completion, the customer gets a 20 day warranty period. Within that period, the customer may start a refund or return request.
  • If there is no refund request, the money will be automatically released into the vendors account
  • Citizen of the following countries shall not conduct business, use any type of service, or receive any product from CloneBay: Iceland, North Korea, Seychelles