Seeds vs. Clones

The question that almost every grower runs into at some point: should I grow from clones or seeds?

Certainly, unexperienced growers tend to start by growing from seeds. However more experienced as well as professional growers prefer growing from Clones.

But if you have a functioning garden, should you go with seeds or with clones?

What are the pros and cons to each?

That’s what this article is going to be about –>

Let’s Start With Growing From Seeds

Most plants usually originate from seeds. It’s an easy, logical thing as a beginner to start growing your high-value plants from seeds.

So let’s talk about the Pros & Cons here:


  • Depending on the plant, Seeds are easy to buy at many places online and offline.
  • You can pick the gender of the plant you want to grow.
  • You don’t inherit any potential genetical problems from the “mother plant”.


  • Not all seeds will germinate, so you have to expect some failures right from the beginning.
  • It’s a more complicated than growing from a clone, because you have to get the seed to germinate first.
  • It can take up more time, because you have to wait for the seed to germinate
  • The costs can certainly add up, if you are purchasing seeds for every single grow cycle. (
  • Plants grown from a seed can get all types of nasty genetic defects
  • Gender can be corrupted during growth due to stress and other circumstances

What About Growing From Clones?

A clone is a cutting from a mature plant that you can replant that will grow into a new plant. Usually professional growers prefer Clones over Seeds.

Let’s discuss the Pros & Cons here too:


  • You can guarantee the gender of your new plant simply by choosing the correct gender mother plant.
  • Because you are starting with a plant, and you don’t have to wait for the seed to germinate, you are saving a little bit of time.
  • If you have a plant which you really like, then you can duplicate it by “cloning” it. In fact, that’s the reason it’s called “cloning” in the first place.
  • Once the clones root, you can save a lot of time.
  • Self-created strains by fellow growers can only be obtained in the form of clones.


  • Compared to seeds, which you can buy many places online, you need to have access to a source of mother plants. Either from your own grows or from someone that you trust who can provide them.
  • If the mother plants had any problems, like pests or disease, you could be starting your clones with these problems.

All in all…

Clones are usually the best choice to grow, rathern than seeds, because they will safe you alot of time and trouble. Moreover you can get the best, rarest and well selected genetics that you desire.